A Castle more than a 1000 years old... younger than ever!

Visite familiale et originale entre jeux, animations et soirées particulières au château

HISTORY  Between Gien and Briare the castle of Saint-Brisson, heritage listed Historical Monument, has been watching the royal river for a thousand years . Its appearance has changed over the centuries: fortified tower of wooden palisades in the eleventh century, King Louis VI of France besieges and ruins the building in 1135. In 1180 the construction of the current building began. In the sixteenth century, Saint Brisson became the property of the Séguier family who abandoned the defensive side to transform it into a dwelling house.

From the rebirth to the twilight of the 20th century, the Marquis Séguier de Saint Brisson continued to arrange the fortress for the comfort of their generations. The castle was willed to the municipality in 1987 by their last descendant: Anne de Ranst de Berchem. It was at this time that a series of renovation works began at the initiative of the "Friends of the Castle".

Taken over in 2015 by the company Tous Au Château, the castle of Saint Brisson knows a second breath & numerous restorations financed by the product of the visits. It is part of a logic of valorization of the heritage and a real strategy of revitalization of the territory by the establishment of attractive and daring activities.

A Castle furnished and alive!

Discover the fief of the powerful Séguier family, who helped found the French Academy :

Saint Brisson ; an impregnable fortress restored as a residence over the centuries.

From the kitchens, to the maids' rooms, to the billiards or the dining room, each room of the castle is alive. You are invited to sit down, take some time to play, read, taste and therfore have a little glimpse of the castle life.

In the attics of the castle of Saint Brisson-sur-Loire, discover the fabulous chevron frame carrying farmhouse dating from the sixteenth century, a collection of friendly games and the maid rooms in their working condition.

Several axes of discovery are available to you depending on whether you are lovers of escape game, lovers of culture or gourmet!

A family and fun visit !

Inside the Castle ,  two floors dedicated to games : 

  • small salon  : reissue of board games & strategy.

  • attic games  : challenge and skill games. 

Demandez votre visite guidée du Château de Saint Brisson-sur-Loire : 1000 ans d'histoire

Compose your day according to your desires: culture, adventure & riddles or gourmet discovery.