The Castle of Saint Brisson-sur-Loire welcomes school groups from 20people all year round by reservation, according to every school programs/ classroom projects.
Allow a minimum of 2hours on site.

Welcoming of school children at the Castle

We adapt our school visits to the children's age : classes de maternelles, primaires ou secondaires. All children will enjoy our cultural and original tours, adapted to children of all ages.


These are centered on the castle life from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century. For the younger ones, the main objective is to make them integrate additional vocabulary.


You can contact us prior to your visit if you would like us to emphasize certain aspects of your history program.

For all your school trips, we offer different workshops and original activities around the fortress of Saint Brisson for young and old. From our track games to our orginal school visits, each of our activities will allow children to learn while having fun.

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Free visit of the outside

Collection of medieval war engines / Outside games.

4 € / pers

Animals Workshop

Supervised by our team, feeding of farm animals, explanations and awareness of living.

2 € / pers

Forfait Journée : Visite des intérieurs + jeux + Parcours Aventure et Énigmes

Une visite guidée durant entre 20 et 45 minutes selon l'âge des enfants OU possibilité visite libre du château avec des explications historiques papier remises au groupe +2 temps de jeux d'adresse et de stratégie + Parcours Aventure et Énigmes fondé sur l'histoire du château (prévoir 1h30 pour cette animation). 

9 € / pers

Guided visit of the Castle and free of the outside.

A guided tour lasting between 20 and 45 minutes depending on the age of the children. 
OR possibility free visit of the castle with historical explanations paper given to the group.

6.5 € / pers

Adventure & Riddles Pass

Course of puzzles and tests in the form of a track game based on the history of the castle. In addition to the right of access to the castle. From 6 years old. Allow 1h30.

7.5€ / pers